Talking on Your Phone Hands-Free in the Car Is like Driving Drunk. Very Drunk

Published: 2021-09-13 22:50:10
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In the past, drink driving has been proven to be a leading cause of car accidents on our roads, but a recent internet blog has suprisingly shown that "Talking on your phone hands-free in the car is like driving drunk. Very drunk." Throughout the blog, the writer adopts a forthright, yet ardent approach towards discussing the issue that is using mobile phones while driving. The extreme risks drivers are taking just to use their phones are tenfold, as they are not only putting their lives at risk but everyones around them as well. Thus through an informative manner, the writer aspires to coerce Australian drivers to support her notion to ban the use of phones whilst driving.

Right from the inception, the writer uses a plethora of rhetorical questions correlating the insane idea that is "reading a magazine attached to your dashboard" to "texting a mate" whilst driving. Through suggesting that using a phone while driving was as "dangerous" as reading a magazine while driving, the writer positions readers to concede with the notion of banning phone use in cars, due to the extensive risks involved. Furthermore she cites that "talking on the phone while driving, is equivalent to driving with a B.A.C of 0.08". This fact is emphasised by the image of the woman driving while using her headset. As clearly recognised by her gesture, it is apparent that the woman is more focused on her conversation rather than her driving. Therefore, through evidently asserting that "it's more dangerous to talk and drive than it was to drink and drive" the writer effectively induces a sense of fear into the reader as it formulates concern for their safety on the road, hence conveying them to support the writer for the betterment of society and also to ensure their wellbeing on the road.

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