Swot Analysis of McDonald's

Published: 2021-09-11 19:45:08
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Swot analysis of McDonald's
* McDonald's is a worldwide business, their brand recognition is second to none, they have locations located all over foreign countries.
* They have recognizable items, such as the Big Mac and Happy Meal.
* McDonald's has built the strongest foundation of fast food restaurants in America.
* McDonald's main foods like their burgers and fries are very unhealthy and filled with preservatives.
* People throughout the world, especially the U.S. are dealing with obesity issues and food from McDonald's has a reputation for feeding that fire.
* There is Competition from several other fast food restaurants serving similar foods.
* McDonald's name recognition can get them into practically any country they would like.
* Their ability to focus on healthier foods to keep attracting customers.
* Keep expanding globally. Focus more on coffee sales and presentation.
* The growing price of whole foods.

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