Supply Chain Strategy

Published: 2021-09-11 12:15:11
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Charlie Supply, Inc. wanted to become the distributor of choice for the markets they served and so established a company goal to create a low cost and highly responsive supply chain (Hugos, 2006). To differentiate themselves from competitors, they decided to build on their strengths to leverage their advantages in the market. The two areas of focus they decided to improve upon were customer service and flexibility. By focusing on strengths, Charlie Supply is able to leverage their existing system and strengths quickly, to ideally become even stronger much quicker than attempts at improving internal efficiency or strengthening weaknesses (Hugos, 2006).
To respond to these strategic goals, managers at Charlie Supply, Inc. defined six key performance targets to help them measure and attain success. The first four initiatives were aimed at improving their customer service; the last two were aimed at strengthening their demand flexibility. These initiatives help them achieve their goals by modifying their supply chain to maximize their existing strengths. They are:
1. "Take orders any way the customer wants"
2. "Deliver uniform quality of service to all customer locations"
3. "Support customer accounting"
4. "Support customer purchasing and budgeting"
5. "Be a valuable partner in the supply chain"

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