Published: 2021-09-14 14:15:09
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Suicide is now, unfortunately, a common issue in today's world. People who are suicidal tend to be depressed and they feel that the only way out is suicide. Most people who attempt suicide are confused about whether or not they want to die. They usually are desperate to find a way to remove or stop emotional pain. A suicide attempt is often a cry for help that usually ends up in a tragedy. It is said that people who commit suicide have thought about long before the actual act and plant many triggers that say they are about to end their life. But unfortunately, the triggers go without being noticed by anyone and even if they are noticed, they are ignored. Suicide, people say is purposely ending your own life but actually, suicide is a silent murder done by others around as they purposely hurt, harass, and ignore the fragile person.
Naturally, there are some people in this world that tend to hurt others around them. They bully, harass, tease, call names, and many other terrible things. They make fun of people who they consider "different." A different religion, race, sexual preference, and weight are some of the many reasons people get bullied for. In the article I have chosen, it talks about a girl who committed suicide because she was taunted and was receiving physical threats by six teenagers. Not only did those six teenagers took away the life of a beautiful young lady who had full potential of leading a happy and successful life, they took away a loving daughter, sister, and friend to many. According to one of her friends, she had said many times that she was sick of all the bullying and harassing and she wanted to end her life if it did not stop because it was already killing her inside. However, the friend decided to ignore it because she never thought she would actually do something like that.

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