Succesfful Life

Published: 2021-09-13 11:05:09
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Successful life
The aptitude that denotes my character, which overcoming of many disadvantages that stand in my way is my perseverance. Firstly, it helped me standing up every time I get knocked down. Perseverance was a quality that I attained; it was the searching for opportunities to overcome obstacles that I faced. In Past few months, I was preparing myself for the exam in my English class, with a few books and stuff that I found on the net. However, my biggest concern was that due to my complete lack of grammar, so my result was not going to be good. On most tests, I simply compensated writing, used of speaking with reading and listening where usually I scored quite well. This test was completely new format for me and the way I saw it, there was not an option to compensate, but I did not give up easily. Therefore, I looked at my mistakes one by one, and I decided how to correct them. Additionally, I would really appreciate if someone helped me to correct my mistake. Then a few weeks coming up, I had second exam that was testing language and literature abilities, it also ended up good result for me. "Never give up" these was be encouraging words and words of determination for me. I was the one who believed in myself will keep trying to reach my goal, no matter how many times I failed. I would never give up because I worked to reach my goals. Moreover, I developed confidence, and this confidence can helped me succeed in other areas of my lives. If I always give up when I fail, so I will not be able to develop new skills. Consequently, I believe that I should never give up. In order to achieve my goals, my personal responsibility as a student comes a huge deal of how I will succeed in furthering my education in college. As I planned to succeed in my college was caring for my family, and going to school to in order to provide a better life for my family. Going to college and being successful that is very important to me, for my family counted on me. I achieved the mind set of how important my career, family, and school are. Accordingly, I have to set a schedule to a lot time for work, school, and my home life. I worked hard in my part time job to provide for my family and assisted my family's bills were paid on time, so everyone would be happy and healthy. When I came home from work, I spent time with my family and then it was time for school work. In addition, I had set a time each day was, I sit down in front of the computer and go over what needed to be done, when it was due. It also was important to me to set short term and long term goals so that I can see what I have completed, or what else needs to be completed. If I managed my time wisely, and keep motivated to do so, my long term goals would become reality. Furthermore, my family was always there to help me and motivated me so that I stay on top of things. This keep my life balanced. My personal responsibility was something that kept me motivated. If all two aspects of my life are in balance, I could see myself becoming and staying successful. Those aptitudes that I had, they were the ability to do things and make the right decisions,

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