Studying and Analyzing the Effect of Organization Culture on the Employee Work Attitude

Published: 2021-09-11 01:40:09
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Much has been written about Oil and gas industries in Egypt's and performs of organization working in this field. Many of the publications provide detailed analysis on one or more key aspects for growth and development of the business in Egypt. And it's clearly found that the Oil industries has been studied from the different aspects and terms to achieve improvement of this sector, so it is important to study organization culture and its impact on employee behavior and attitude at work place.
The result of this study proved that there is a relationship between organization culture and job satisfaction, employee loyalty, alienation at work place, and teamwork. Accordingly organization culture have a positive impact on alienation at work place and employee loyalty. And a negative impact on job satisfaction, teamwork.

The main problem of this research was build according to the fact that the employees attitude in workplace can asses change process or implementation of leadership style, which is required to improve organization performance level. In addition to predict how can the organization culture implemented inside the organization affect employee attitude at workplace to minimize internal resisting force for changes.

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