Studies on Standardization of Hybrid Seed Production Techniques Under Shade House and Open Field Conditions in Tomato (solanum Lycopersicum L.)

Published: 2021-09-15 15:45:08
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 STUDIES ON STANDARDIZATION OF HYBRID SEED PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES UNDER SHADE HOUSE AND OPEN FIELD CONDITIONS IN TOMATO (Solanum lycopersicum L.)PRATIK PATIL                                          2013                          Dr. RAVI HUNJE                Major Advisor         ABSTRACT                    A field experiment was carried out at Hi-Tech Horticulture unit, Saidapur farm and seed quality analysis at seed quality testing and research laboratory National Seed Project, UAS Dharwad during 2012-13 to study the effect of growing conditions and plant spacing on growth, seed yield and quality of tomato hybrid seed production and to know the pollen viability of pollen parent and stigma receptivity of seed parent in hybrid seed production of tomato Pusa hybrid-2 parental line under shade house.             The growing condition shade house registered significantly higher plant height at 90 DAT (186.54 cm), leaf area (131.75 dm2plant-1), leaf area index (4.32) more number of days to 50 per cent flowering (36 days), days to fruit maturity (91.42 days), fruit set (67.6%), seed yield per hectare (187.1kg), seed germination (92.5%) and seedling vigour index (1766). Hence, higher yield and quality of tomato hybrid seeds can be obtained under shade house condition compared open condition            The spacing 60 x 60 cm recorded significantly higher number of fruit set (71.1%), seed yield per plant (6.0 g), seed germination (92.3%) and seedling vigour index (1815) and spacing 60 x 45 cm recorded significantly higher seed yield per hectare (170.6kg).

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