Student Achievement and Leadership

Published: 2021-09-16 00:35:10
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Student Achievement and Leadership

Student Achievement and Leadership
We often hear comments from the media and politicians that American students are falling behind. In our modern era, students are compared to their peers around the world. The measurable results of education, such as competency assessments, are how schools, teachers and students are judged. I believe that quality educational leadership can help with student achievement on assessments. An effective educational leader creates a culture of achievement by being visionary, creative and proactive.
To create an achievement culture the leader must be visionary. Vision is what provides meaning and purpose to the activity of the school. Successful educational leaders hold in their mind a vision of their school and what they want students to achieve. In my experience I have found that the best leaders have the ability to convert a vision into reality. They not only are able to clearly see an objective, but they convincingly invite others to share in that vision. A good example would be a reading specialist, with whom I have worked closely. He had a vision of every student, second through fifth grade, reading at grade level. He shared his vision by developing a plan and getting teachers to implement the plan. The result was that each year the percentage of students reading at or above level increased. His vision was the fuel that had driven this achievement.

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