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Published: 2021-09-10 22:00:09
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What are your strengths?
I am 100% committed to whatever it is that I do. I'm able to prioritize tasks at hand to manage my time wisely. I am able to communicate effectively within all levels of the organization. I also work well under pressure and still manage to pay close attention to detail.
What is your weakness?
Well, one of my weaknesses would be that I assume the leadership role even if it's not assigned to me. I like to take responsibility with my team and the desire to get the job done and done correctly. Despite my energetic attitude to push the ball over the goal line, I am sensitive to my team and will always be a team player.
Why should we hire you?
Simple, I make the secret sauce. I have the travel agency background with the airline Sales Support experience. With this recipe, I will be a successful sales rep.

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