Stream of Consciousness

Published: 2021-09-14 11:35:10
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I’m looking up at the sky and I’m wondering what’s even up there. I know that there’s galaxies and solar systems and planets and stars, but what else is there. I wish we could just know! All I see is dark. Now that there’s water on Mars, maybe there’ll be more people up there. I wonder what the Martians would look like. If they were mean maybe there would be a war between the planets...I wonder how that would work. But now since there’s talk of commercial space flight maybe something like that is not too far down the road. I wish I could go up into space, but I’m scared it would end up being a one-way trip. I don’t know if I could do it, though. I would miss real food too much. And my dog. What if someone could go into space with all of the necessary resources to survive – unlimited oxygen, food, etc. – so that he or she could just float around in a spacesuit and explore. What would they find? Would they eventually hit an end? I don’t understand how something can be infinite. It has to stop somewhere...right? Yesterday, we I solved for the height of the bridge I got 121 times the square root of 2. But the square root of 2 is a non-terminating value. So does that mean the height of the bridge just keeps increasing? How is that even possible? Alright, back to space. I just wish we knew more! I wonder if there’s more than one universe. Maybe there are universes that exist inside of our universe. Like whoville in Horton Hears a Who! And maybe our universe is inside yet another universe Whoa, so meta! But then that would mean that the universe does stop at one point and is, therefore, not infinite. Okay, that’s enough. My head’s kind of starting to hurt now.

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