Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Paper

Published: 2021-09-12 19:05:09
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Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Paper
Team B
Aida Fernandez, Cynthia Spraggins, Matthew McDonald, Okimo Sims, Tasa Stromei
MGT 449 Quality Management and Production
Professor Carolynn Flynn
January 23, 2012

McDonalds is a franchise where there is opportunity for people to work and begin a job experience. McDonald's is well known and needs to make sure that it is following appropriate guidelines in every aspect, especially within quality management and their customer satisfaction. Quality management at McDonalds is one of the major factors that make the corporation one of the most successful fast food restaurants in the world. In 2008, McDonald's vowed to make customer satisfaction a priority and also tweaked its menu by catering to a more health-conscious group ("McDonalds Now Making Customer Satisfaction a Priority," n.d). Despite posting industry-beating same-store sales for years, McDonald's saw a 4.3-percent drop in its customer satisfaction score in 2010 ("McDonalds Now Making Customer Satisfaction a Priority,"n.d). McDonald's, just like any other business, is always trying to make a good impression and sometimes things do not work out the way they are expected, but the main thing is to continue trying regardless of the weakness because there are also some strong points to work with.
This is a SWOT analysis is about the company of choice McDonald's. This describes the strengths and weaknesses of the restaurants. This information below it, will define the information of the strengths and weaknesses that the restaurants that has been in business and has served more than a billion of people. This SWOT analysis consists of locations that McDonald's is located. It serves it consumers according to their culture diversity, and it never has a problem with doing, either McDonald's thrive to make a good impression on their consumer daily, and this SWOT analysis shows.

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