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Once upon a time there lived three little turtles, one was very plump, one was very tall, and one was very small. Their names are Ronald, Harry, and Hermione and these turtles were not just normal turtle who lived in there shells and were very slow, these turtles were magic. They could cast spells, fly, and even make food appear out of no where. Hermione was the smartest she was also the smallest of the turtles then there is Ronald he is a bit of a coward and not so intelligent but very funny and he loves his sweets that is why Ronald is the fat turtle. Last is Harry the bravest and the tallest turtle and everybody in the forest new his name and who he was by just looking at him, because Harry has a very distinctive shell it was purple and blue. No other turtle in the world had a shell like that, but the only reason he had it was because when Harry was only a baby a scary, evil and extremely powerful snake slithered into his house and struck Harry's Parents down. But because of how much Harry's mum loved Him, She had cast a spell on him so that nothing could hurt him harry didn't die that night he was only left with a colourful shell.

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