Still Memory Poetry Response

Published: 2021-09-13 03:05:09
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"Still Memory" Poetry Response
I believe that "Still Memory", by Mary Karr, is about the author's yearning for the past. "My ten year old hand reaches for a pen to record it all as would become long." This reveals how important the past is to the author because these three lines show that the speaker of the poem took the time and effort to record the important events in her life. Her extremely vivid dream indicates how dear her childhood is to her and it shows that it is deeply engrained in her mind. "My father in the doorway, not dead," and "my parents are not yet born each into a small urn of ash," causes me to believe that the author's parents were very important to her and I also think that is one of the reasons that she reflects on her parents' actions in such detail.
I don't usually like poetry but I actually enjoyed this one because I can actually relate to the narrator of the poem. It reminds me of how much I miss my childhood. I miss the joys of being a young, innocent kid who doesn't have a care in the world and has nothing to worry about. This poem also reminds me of how much I take my parents for granted. They do a great deal for me and I know that one day when they're no longer around, I'll look back and realize just how much they really meant to me. This poem also reminds me of myself because I have certain memories from when I was a child that I can distinctly remember every single little detail of and they just stick in my mind, and I know that I will never forget them.
I really liked this poem, and it really made me think. The authors deep dream made me reminisce about my youth. Even though poetry isn't very appealing to me, this poem would actually make me consider reading more poems like this one or more poetry by this author. Overall, this poem was very enjoyable and I now look forward to reading more.

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