Statutory Rape

Published: 2021-09-13 20:45:10
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Statutory rape discriminates against males. In most cases males want to date a younger girl, therefore, it targets males rather than females. Females tend to want to date older males, however, by them choosing to date older males they don't get in trouble they just get the males in trouble. If there is someone that a girl don't like then she could have sex with him then turn around and get him in trouble for statutory rape. Statutory rape places females on a petal stool, if they are older enough to make the decision to have sex then they should be responsible for their own action. The definition even discriminates against males it states "Statutory rape refers to sexual l intercourse with a female who is under the legal age of consent." Some states still limit statutory rape to men who have sex with females younger than a specified age, but most states will also prosecute women. For example, there have been some high-profile prosecutions of female teachers who have had sex with their young students in recent years. Most penal codes are written in terms of an adult and child, and do not specify what gender the offender or victim must be to support a conviction for statutory rape.
A sharply divided Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court recently issued a ruling with head spinning legal and ethical implications. The question at issue: do statutory rape charges discriminate against boys? According to the SJC, that claim can be raised in a defense against the charge of statutory rape.

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