Sphinx Case

Published: 2021-09-13 20:00:09
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A massive figure of astonishing proportions, The Great Sphinx of Giza is a figure synonymous with ancient Egyptian culture. Half man and half beast, the Sphinx rests at a staggering 66 feet tall and unbelievable 240 feet long weighing nearly 200 tons. This colossal sculpture that lies in front of the King As we know the great Sphinx today, it has the head of King Khafre and the body of a immense lion. On top the gigantic head sits the traditional headdress, also represented is the typical false beard as how all kings were represented of that time. However the beard has since broken off due to the elements of time. This colossal head of Khafre is approximately 30 feet long and 14 feet wide. Figures of this time were often portrayed as a composition of man and beast, so this wasn't uncommon. In fact, having the body of a lion was traditional in usage with ancient times to represent the strength of nobility and protection of cherished ones. "Why not the face of a lion and body of man?" one may ask. It's due to the fact that the idea of human form above an animal's body shows that man are greater than beast.
In the center of the lion's 50 foot paws, rests a stone engraved tablet with hieroglyphics called a stele. On this stele it reads of a story of a prince that fell asleep in the shadow of the Sphinx and dreamt that the Sphinx told him to dig the monument out of the sand, in return this man would become king of Egypt.The lion's body is used in many protective type monuments and sculptures of this time.

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