Some Moral Minima

Published: 2021-09-14 12:45:09
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There are moral decisions that are made every day. Some are big, some are small, some are right and some are wrong. Is it possible that some things are simply wrong? Is the world governed by a universal code of moral requirements? In some "Moral Minima" Goodman looks at four areas of relativism and morality suggesting that there are some things that are simply wrong.
The first area is genocide, politically induced famine, and germ warfare. According to Goodman (2010, pg.88), "Genocide is uglier than murder because it targets individuals as members of a group." In countries like Somalia, politically induced famine is used to control the population. In WWI germ warfare was used to eliminate enemies. The decisions made by political groups or militant leaders are examples of relativism. They believe their choice is the right, moral way. Many of us view it as wrong. I agree with Goodman, this is a reflection on humanity and it is simply wrong.
Another area of relativism and morality is terrorism. According to the reading, (Goodman, L.E., 2010, pg.89), "Terrorists explode the values they claim to fight for; their victims blood blurs and blots whatever ends were meant to justify the carnage." There are examples of this everyday in Iraq, suicide bombers walk into groups of strangers and kill them. When they are killing themselves and other innocents it is hard to believe they are fighting for something they believe in. Yet, they believe they are proving a point and pleasing their God.
The third area to look at is slavery, polygamy, and incest. Slavery is the deepest exploitation to make a person a tool for use, (Goodman, L.E., 2010). Many believe slavery was abolished years ago. Yet, there is slavery today, immigrants bought and sold to work for nothing. Polygamy is another form of slavery.
Let me first start by saying that was an excellent article that was written by Lenn Goodman, "Some Moral Minima." Looking at the whole Relativism theory makes you wonder about everything that is considered right and wrong around you. Then you come to look at in a closer perspective and you realize that there are just some things in this world that are universally wrong. In this paper I will discuss why I feel Goodman is right about most of her arguments, I will explore some of the challenges she presented to the theory of relativism, and I will list some examples I think are universal moral requirements.

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