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Published: 2021-09-15 09:10:09
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ucchiShta gaNapati upAsana /pUjA procedure
From :- krishnarao {SriparasuKanandanAtha)
Subject :-
Ucchista Ganapati Upasana / Puja Proecedure

priya mahASayAh,

in ambal group
>: "subrabalaji"[email protected]com subrabalaji
>Fri Nov 16, 2007 8:15 pm (PST) writes--------
>Dear Members - where can I find the Puja and Upasana procedures for
>Ucchista Ganapati. I heard from some Sri Vidya Upasakas that the
>worship of Ucchista Ganapati is an important aspect. Also I have
>from some that it is the only way to Moksha. Also I heard that one
>gets rare Siddhis with such Upasana and also one has to strictly
>adhere to procedures.


In SrIvidyArNava tantra by Sri vidyAraNya, It is clearly
that the ucciSta gaNapati upAsana will be effective only by the
vAmAcAra methods.

When any one approaches his guru for the first time, his
intention would be in pursuit of the supreme god and mOkSha.
The guru who is "swrUpa nirUpaNa hEtuh" is initiating with a mantra
of some dEvata or dEva. This is because one should not/can not say
any thing about god in an establishing voice.
"kaula pratiShTam na kuryAt"

Even in the books like "soundarya lahari", the way to
emancipation was nerrated with slOkas like "muKam bindum
kritwa", "naram varSIyamsam". They appear like mAdana prayOgAs to
attract women. Is it the advice of SankarAcarya
who himself is a staunch sanyAsi, for a Sishya who approaches him to
show him the way for liberation?

Instead of trying to understand the inner esteric objective of
the guru,
he is opting to master the texts, and bring out the materialistic
benefits like a mad man gathering all the useless stuff seen on the
roadside, thinking it all so precious.

My guru was telling "what ever is written in the scripture,
even by any great sage, it would be only vAmAcara mehod.

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