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Socrates denies the idea that his bones and sinews are not the true cause of his actions. He believes this mainly because there are other factors that play a role in one’s action other than the body itself. Socrates states, “If someone said that without bones and sinews and all such things, I should not be able to do what I decided, he would be right, but surely to say that they are the cause of what I do, and not that I have chosen the best course, even though I act with my mind, is to speak very lazily and carelessly” (Phaedo, 99a-99b). This example clearly displays Socrates against the idea about his bones and sinews defining his actions. But, he also thinks it’s normal if one isn’t able to finish a task without the body.  More importantly, Socrates believes his body doesn’t play a role when it comes to his action because he uses his mind and makes the best choice which defines his true behavior. Moreover, Socrates position on true causes comes from his idea that the bones and sinews aren’t a proper reason for his actions. The main cause he believes plays a significant role in his actions relates to him using his mind to understand real causes. This is explained when he says “Imagine not being able to distinguish the real cause from that without which the cause would not be able to act as a cause” (Phaedo, 99b). I believe Socrates actions are primarily due to his mind since he finds it essential to determine a real cause rather than one that isn’t. I believe this also relates to his idea about making the best choice because his actions reflect his real cause.

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