Sociology Case

Published: 2021-09-15 16:50:10
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Category: Social Issues

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I would like to one-day hold the occupation of a social worker. The profession entails working with children, which is a big passion for me. Working with children is not only challenging, but also rewarding. To be a social worker, one needs to be patient, compassionate, committed and resilient. These are all the personal characteristics I possess that I believe would make me a great social worker. As a single and divorced mother of 13-year old daughter, I have experience dealing with children and their emotions. It only takes understanding and committed to the child's needs to be a good parent/guardian to them. To be a social worker one needs to ensure that a child believes you by gaining their trust by helping them solve their issues. I do believe I would have had this type of job if I lived 250 years ago because people also had families back then. Women during this time had no empowerment and society discriminated against them in many ways. Life would have been a bit harder as a woman trying to define herself outside of what society thought. However, I would ensure that I keep my family close, raise my children with love, and mould them to be outstanding citizens.

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