Social Responsibility Concern

Published: 2021-09-15 23:10:09
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LegalIn some western countries, there have some legal structure to protect the athlete or even the audience of the sport events. For example in American there have the Sport broadcasting Act to make sure the sport events are not became a commercial tool (Miller, 2011). So, traveler may willing to travel and avoid extortion by some sport event entry fees. Seems it is no legal obstacle in developing Sport tourism due to the sports are leisure and health activities for everyone, it can easily to promote Sport tourism globally.Social responsibility concernAccording to Investopedia dictionary, the definition of social responsibility means the companies should not only focus on maximizing the profits, but also looking at developing business with positive relationship to society and contribution to bottom-line result. If Hong Kong developing Sport tourism should also consider the social responsibility. For example, Hong Kong Paralympic Committee & Sport Association for the Physically Disabled helping disable athlete to develop events or even competitions. It can help them get more support and recognition. Also, Hong Kong disable athlete can join the Hong Kong Sports Stars Awards. It shows that sport development can encourage every people of the society. Sport tourism not only can attract travelers but also help the local sports development and help disable more involve on sports.

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