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Published: 2021-09-15 06:45:09
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  Social Psychology Network Website                          Rachel PatrickUNV -530December 7, 2016Professor Carla HomburgSocial Psychology NetworkIn researching the Social Psychology Network website, what I discovered is a wealth of information on psychology and psychologist background and specialties. In searching for social psychologists, I found there were more than 670 who have very similar if not colleagues of the same theoretical perspectives. I also discovered Social Psychology Network has various forums of social media including Facebook where guest can interact, search for information, and ask questions. The forums are a great communication network of joining in communities. When clicking on the forums I found it easy to navigate through the various tabs, join the network and learn not only about social psychologist here in United States, but, found there were also international social psychologist I can learn from about their cultural environment and viewpoints. Social Psychologist The five social psychologists I researched had similar psychological theoretical perspectives, however, they also each had a primary focus in Evolutionary, Social Cognition, and Social/Behavioral Learning Perspectives. Professor Henry Wallace of Trinity University located in San Antonio, Texas and hah has published 11 different articles regarding his work in social Psychology. His focuses on an individual’s emotions and moods, making decisions and judgments, setting goals, the well-being of life satisfaction, motivating, personal perceptions, and self-identification (Social Psychology Network, 2016).  What attracted me to his profile was the focus of his research on an individual’s performance is stressed and the consequences of their narcissism. In my own research, I had not come across Professor Wallace’s focus on consequences of narcissism, however, I can relate to it because every day in our lives we work with individuals who have attitudes of narcissism. Dr. Brooke Feeney of Carnegie Mellon University located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and works in the Psychology Department on campus. Her theoretical perspectives are understanding relationships in social support and caregiving processes in adulthood and across the lifespan (Social Psychology Network, 2016). Her other primary interest includes an individual’s close relationships, helping and prosocial behavior, an individual’s personality differences, how an individual emotions and moods are affected, and the processes of interpersonal relationships. She has published over seven articles on these various interests and taught a class discussing these theoretical perspectives. I like the she provides career guidance and mentors college students who need the added support. The other reason I was attracted to her profile is personal for me because I am the main caregiver for my Mom and can totally relate to Dr. Feeney’s focuses.

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