Smoking Should Be Banned Entirely in Malaysia. Do You Agree?

Published: 2021-09-15 17:35:10
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Smoking should be banned entirely in Malaysia. Do you agree? (1000words)

Smoking is a bad habit. For my personal point of view, smokers are indirectly destroying their image because peoples might assume the smoker is a bad person. This is a very conservative thinking. But I still believe that smoking action do not look nice. Hence, some smokers tend to blow smoke in someone's' face purposely. And, the most annoying thing is the bad breath of smoker.

There are numerous harmful health effects of smoking. A person addicted to smoking may suffer from a number of serious and fatal diseases caused by smoking. Smokers are more likely to face respiratory infections and several minor complaints such as coughs and colds. Smokers may suffer from some dreadful diseases such as cancer, heart disease, cardiovascular diseases, lung disease, respiratory problems and several other problems related to kidneys, liver and pancreas.

Secondhand smoke can be worse than smoking and it's not fair to non-smoker. Secondhand smoke is a killer. Breathing in secondhand smoke is dangerous. Breathing in secondhand smoke can trigger asthma attacks and also increase your chances of developing breathing or other chest problems. If children breathe in secondhand smoke their chance of getting asthma doubles. And, if they already have asthma, it's definitely making their breathing worse.

At this point, I do agree that smoking should be banned in Malaysia but it's not easily. Moreover, I can't find any goodness in smoking and it's very harmful for health. Hence, everyone play a part in this matter. And, it can be done unless they are no smokers in Malaysia. Alternatively, there are many ways to help the smokers to get rid of smoking instead of ban. The fact is its impossible smoking can be ban in Malaysia. If the government bans smoking, tobacco companies will be bankrupt and it might affect Malaysia economy.

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