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Published: 2021-09-16 14:50:09
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Smart SpeakerSmart Speaker, or some people may call it voicebot, became a really big hit in 2017. There already exist dozens of Smart Speakers on the market in 2018 and there are even more on their way. In May, 2018, 21.6% of American adults own a Smart Speaker, or in other words, around 54.4 million. Among them, 65% say they won’t go back to life where there is no Smart Speakers. Generally speaking, smart speak is a type of voice interaction device that contains a traditional loudspeaker and a virtual assistant which uses artificial intelligence technology. This is not a brand new technology. According to a report, Amazon had been developing Echo devices no later than 2010. First unveiled in 2014 with Echo, Amazon Alexa now has 50,000 skills worldwide, works with 20,000 devices and used by 3,500 brands, and maintains a strong market share lead at 62% with over 30 million devices. While its main competitors Google and Apple fall far behind.Typically, Smart Speakers are used for playing audios, searching information and shopping, which are exactly what Amazon, Google and Apple focus on and each of them has a preference based on their own strength. However, it should and can do more than that. Actually, Smart Speakers are considered as the control center of home automation devices. It builds connections with every smart home equipment so people can use voice to control, as expected, everything like in the house without touching anything.

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