Slow Upward Trend in Sharing Economy Concept in Russia

Published: 2021-09-16 04:40:10
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Topic: The meager upward trend in sharing economy in Russia.Introduction:This report aims to describe in detail the meager upward trend in sharing economy in Russia and to compare the growth rates of this trend to the western world. I have divided this report into three sections. In the first section, the sharing economy is defined, and the overview of this trend is presented on the example of a famous company. Secondly, there is a detailed analysis given in order to explain the reasons of why this trend has not been truly successful in Russia. In the third section there is the list of examples of the sharing economy companies that failed to achieve the expected growth rates in Russia. All the statistics that was used to write this report was obtained from the reliable sources. Body (Section one):Sharing economy is a term that describes one of the most powerful trends of the previous year. It basically is an economic model that implies collaborative consumption of goods and services, bartering and rent rather than possession. In sharing economy all these transactions are usually done via the online market places. The examples of such companies include giants like Uber, Craigslist and Amazon. [pic 1]On the graph above we can see a quarterly number of users of another famous sharing economy company – Airtasker. The data was collected in Australia. Although this graph does not represent a whole world situation – it is representative for most of the western cultures. As we can see the number of users of Airtasker grows exponentially with each quarter, making sharing economy trend one of the most significant and rapidly growing current trends in the world with a help of a number of other companies that experience similar growth rates.

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