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Advani, B.M. "Qadeem Sindh" (Ancient Sindh), Karachi, 1944.
The book gives description in detail about the great civilization during the pre-Vedic, Vedic and Puranic Periods. It also discusses in brief about the Sindhi life and culture during the ancient period.

"Sindhuje HinduniJi Tarikh" (A history of Hindu of Sind) Karachi. (Vol. I 1946 Vol. II 1947)
First detailed work on the topic discusses about the history of Hindi-Sindhi community from the Rig-Vedic period to the modern period.

Ahmed, Saleem., "Sindhu Hiku Aam Jaizo" (Sindhi translation of 'A General Introduction - History of Sindh - Vol. I. By Lambrick H.T.) Hyderabad: Sindhi Adabi Board. 1982
The book deals with the geography and history of Sindh form the ancient period.

Barton, Richard., "Sindh and the Races that inhabit the Valley of the Indus". London. 1851.
A brief history of the province. It also gives the notices of topography of the region.

Gajra, Baldev. T. "Aazadia je Yudh mem Sindhu Jo Bagu" (Role of Sindh in the freedom movement). Mumbai.1985
A Significant work which provides detailed information about the role played by the people of Sindh during the Indian freedom movement.

Elliot Henry. M. "History of India as told by its own historians" Vol. I A monumental work published in eight the volume one pertains to the geography and history and Sindh and comments on various histories of Sind. Samrat, Gangaram, Ahmedabad :Sindhu Sauvir. 1979
A detailed work on the different aspects of history of Sindh from ancient period.

Sharma, Mohanlal (ed) "Sindu ji Khoj" (Discovery of Sind), A collection of scholarly essays on the history of Sindh by Jayramdas Daulatram. 1993

Sorley, H.T. "Shah Abdul Latif of Bhit : His Poetry, Life and Time". London, 1940.
Along with the life and poetry of Shah Latif (1989 - 1752 A.D.) the author gives a brief history of Sindh in the book.
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Advani, B.M. "Sindhi Bolia ji Tarikh" (History of Sindhi Language), Karachi. 1941.
A first serious study in Sindhi about the development of Sindhi language. It also discusses the influence of other languages on Sindhi and dialectical variations of Sindhi language.

Allana, G.A. "The Arabic Elements in Sindhi" (M.A.thesis) London: University of London, 1964.
It discusses in detail about the influence of Arabic on Sindhi

"Papers on Sindhi language and Linguistics", Institute of Sindhology, New Delhi: Jamshoro Sindh.1998.
A collection of papers related to different aspects of Sindhi language published in different books and periodicals.

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