Should Mso Change Its Name?

Published: 2021-09-11 11:25:08
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Should MSO change its name?

MSO has been through many trials and tribulations since the conviction of Martha
Stewart. As a result, the overall moral of the employees as well as the company's score has took
a turn for the worse.
MSO's portfolio is brilliant and creative, and is comprised of television, radio,
magazines, online, as well as name branding through Kmart contracts. With this combination of
branding channels and opportunities, the position of MSO prior to the conviction was
MSO is a group based organization that utilizes command groups-varying departments
that report to their supervisors/managers, teams-collectively working together to achieve the
organizational goals, and task forces-groups that attain certain goals and are then reassigned new
goals and tasks. In MSO there is also a group that is concerned and dedicated toward the goal of
maintaining employee morale. This group addresses the effects of interior and exterior issues that
may impact the employees. By foreseeing these issues, they can often prepare for them and

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