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Published: 2021-09-11 01:00:07
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Service Assignment #1

Select a local service providers/organizations. Visit the service provider and observe their service environment. Then answer the following questions for the service organization.

1. What is done well in each servicescape? Provide specific examples.
My service of choice is my hair salon. It is called Studio 4 hair salon. The physical appearance of it is a red brick building on the exterior, and painted red inside of the studio since that is my hairstylist favorite color. The floors are hardwood which makes it easier for cleaning, due to all the cutting and trimming of the hair. There are also comfortable floor mats near the wash bowls and the dryers so that your feet can be comfortable during the process of the washing and drying. It is decorated so pretty inside. It has mirrors everywhere, so you are able to look at your hair from every angle. There are beautiful paintings posted all over the walls. A wide variety of music is played, all the way from r and b to rock music. Everyone is dressed really casual. No uniforms are required. The location is located on Moreland Ave. near the expressway. A lot of shops are close by, so if you wanted to do a little shopping or maybe pamper yourself to a facial you could do so as well. The temperature inside is pretty nice. It gets hot sometimes due to all the drying of the hair, but the temperature is moderate. The lighting is very nice as well. It's not too dark and it's not to light either, it's pretty much just right.

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