Salt Effects on Grass

Published: 2021-09-15 10:30:09
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During the winter, you spread salt on your driveway to melt the snow in the winter time. When the lawn begins to grow, you notice that there is no grass growing for about 3 inches from the driveway. Furthermore, the grass seems to be growing slowly up to about 1 foot from the driveway.

Might grass growth be inhibited by salt?

When you use salt to melt snow off your driveway in the winter, you will notice that the grass growth in inhibited for about 3 inches from the driveway. When you put the salt on the snow it melts and turns into water. Which then in turns go to the area on the side of the driveways and the salt water gets into the roots of the grass which will inhibit the grass to grow. Salt "is the primary source of sodium and chloride." (Sciencery, 2012).

I think that the grass that has no salt exposure will grow faster that the grass that has salt exposure.

" The grass will be put into three groups containing 2 grams, 3 grams and zero grams of salt.

At the beginning of the experiment the grass will be put into patches. They will be salted every other day for four days. I will cut the tops to make them even so they will be the same height at the beginning. They will arrange from 2 inches in height at the beginning. After 4 days I will measure the grass's height and calculate my findings.

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