Salt Cave History

Published: 2021-09-15 10:20:10
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Salt Cave historyDates back 200 years to the original salt mine in Poland. 200 years ago there was a doctor/physician working in the mine taking care of mine works for injuries or health concerns. After working there some time he started to recognize many of the mine workers were all noticing improvements in their respiratory system – if they had asthma, they didn’t have problems with their asthma, if they had allergies , they didn’t have problems with their allergies. Sinus infections, bronchial infections same thing they simply were not getting sick, and if they were, they were getting better very quickly. So what they started to do was send people down into the mine. Currently they have a health sanatorium or health spa situated over top of the mine where now doctors and physicians can write you a recommendation or prescription to stay at the sanatorium for 2-3 week of therapy. What they started to do all around the world, starting off in Poland, moving to Germany, Austria, Czech, Ukraine, the U.K – England and Ireland, Australia and now here in North America. People started to recreate the environment or the microclimate of the underground salt mine in Poland. Which is essentially what we have done here.Salt cave Based on the concept – micro climate of the underground salt mine in Poland Salt mine – 200 meters undergroundObviously not exposed to any pollution so the oxygen is very pure Relatively cold – between 14-16 Very humid – surrounding lakes and underground rivers create moisture between 70-80%And the air is saturated with mineralsThe key was the mining process when the mine workers were mining the salt they were creating a lot of salt dust which was recognized to help soften the mucus This creates the therapeutic micro-climate In comparison to our Salt CaveThe room is sealed off from the rest of the building The room runs on its own air ventilation and air purification system through 2 HEPA filtersThe room runs on its own air control system keeps the temperature between 17-20 degrees(comfortable)The room contains 3 water cascades which maintain our moisture between 50-60 % - which is the minimum recommended for healthy breathing The 3 water cascades contain reverse osmosis water (clean purified water) and we add a THERMAL IODINE & BROMINE BRINE-  basically a salty water we import from Poland from an underground lake- this water containes magnesium, calcium, iodine and bromine- Iodine and bromine are two minerals also found in the ocean – that’s why a lot people say if feels good to be by the beach, feels good to BREATH by the beach – iodine and bromine open up the airways in the lungs, they stimulate the immune system, and help regulate the thyroidSo our room because we add this brine into the water falls is saturated with minerals – magnesium, calcium, and most importantly iodine and bromineWe have imported 8 tonnes of polish Pink salt containing 84 different micro elements and minerals which helps to complete the recreation of the underground salt mine micro climateThe KEY to the therapeutic process for the respiratory system was the Mining process in the underground salt mine, when the mine workers were mining they were creating a lot of salt dust particles that they were inhaling, this the doctor noticed was key to helping clean and soften the mucus inside the respiratory systemSo what we have done is we have installed a HALOGENERATOR (or salt generator – halo in old greek means salt) – the machine we have is a licenced medical instrument for providing HALOTHERAPY – This machine creates a dry salt aerosol of pharmaceutical grade salt between particles the size of 1 – 10 microns.

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