Rwandan Genocide

Published: 2021-09-14 09:00:09
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Response B
After studying and reading about many different genocides, both past and present, I have come to realize how much effect humans have on each other. By just skin color or religious beliefs alone, a group of people may believe it is their duty to wipe another human from the face of the Earth. Using the Rwandan Genocide as an example, the way the Hutus sought total revenge against the Tutsis for being treated like scum during the Belgian rule was incredible. Time and time again the same patterns emerge. One group of people is treated poorly and then the tides turn and the once lower group gains popularity, leading to a massive feeling of revenge against those who disrespected them. Again using the Rwandan Genocide as an example, the responses by not only the United States government, but those of the majority of the western world, were despicable. Clear signs of genocide and even physical evidence were made available, and still no action was taken towards helping the over one million Tutsis and Hutu rebels that were murdered in cold blood during the early 90s. To prevent this type of ruthless action from happening again, it is advised that the United States government, and those like it, quit spending tax-payer dollars on useless beautification projects, and start spending it on projects like genocide prevention teams, who will be able to observe the global climate and not only notify the White House about signs of genocide, but act on them as well. With the year 2012 growing closer to the half-way mark, it is time for governments to realize just how advanced modern weapon systems are. Genocide in this century would most likely mean the demolition of an entire people. There is no better time than now to start the war against future genocides, as it should have been done over a century before the millions of Armenians, Jews, Cambodians, Rwandans, and many more were blindly slaughtered.

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