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K-12 Social Studies
New Hampshire
Curriculum Framework

Governor of New Hampshire
John Lynch

Executive Council
District 1 Raymond S. Burton, Bath
District 2 Peter J. Spaulding, Hopkinton
District 3 Ruth L. Griffin, Portsmouth
District 4 Raymond J. Wieczorek, Manchester
District 5 Debora Pignatelli, Nashua


What defines K-12 social studies instruction in New Hampshire?
Three documents provide the foundation for New Hampshire's K-12 Social Studies education.
1. The Minimum Standards for Public School Approval (Concord: State Board of Education, 1993) revised [2004]
2. State laws RSA 186:13 and RSA 189:11
3. The K-12 Social Studies Curriculum Framework

What are the minimum standards? The NH Minimum Standards for Public School Approval require that elementary and middle/junior high school students "acquire knowledge and understanding of civics, economics, geography, and history" and require that high school students "acquire knowledge and modes of inquiry" in the same four subjects "including the related areas of sociology, anthropology, and psychology."

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