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Published: 2021-09-11 18:15:09
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Billy and Hilly met on their first day of U of T; they became instant friends and both graduated with
honours in April 2008. Their friendship blossomed, and in April 2009 they were married in a beautiful
wedding celebration at Billy's family cottage, located approximately 60 km north of Toronto.
Billy and Hilly enjoyed the wedding planning process so much, that they decided to merge their
entrepreneurial skills and passion for wedding planning and open a full service wedding planning
business, specializing in up-scale, elaborate and expensive weddings. They would base their business out
of Toronto, but would offer their full service wedding planning skills to individuals, especially brides,
across Canada. They were so excited!
Hilly, who always claimed to be the creative one of the pair, instantly knew what to call the new business.
Her favourite wedding magazine, focussed on wedding planning and "tips for a perfect party", was called
YOUR BEST WEDDING PERFECTION! Hilly loved this name and told Billy their new business must
be called YOUR BEST WEDDING PERFECTION!. Billy liked the name and agreed to call their

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