Romeo and Juliet

Published: 2021-09-14 01:05:10
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Derived from Shakespearean play, Romeo and Juliet, Natalie Weirs production of R&J tells the tale of two star-crossed lovers. Weirs raw and expressive choreography depicts the heart-rending emotions of love and tragedy as she takes the audience on a journey through three different eras. The contrasting, filmic vignettes were cleverly chosen to help portray the classic storyline being based in Fortitude Valley, during the Renaissance and in the 1950s suburban bliss. Further supporting this performance, the set, music, lighting, costuming and changing choreography largely aid in the portrayal of dominating themes. Beautifully constructed by Natalie Weir, R&J cuts to the quintessence of what is genuine, human and inevitable.

Based upon the emotion 'Passion', Act One introduces the audience to the grungy club scene of Fortitude Valley. This act depicts tragedy in young love and the affects of a toxic love triangle. The characters are dangerous, young and riveted by passion, which is supported by the amazing choreography of Natalie Weir. To portray this young love elicited by appeal, Weir's choreography is intimate and adjacent to portray the young, foolish emotions between the performers. Through large lifts and connected, rigged movements the dominant theme of the act is cleverly represented. Illustrating fate, the third performer within this routine acts as the inevitability of the end much like the original play. Through slow deeps lunges and high releases, fate makes his way between the star-crossed lovers in order to destroy the contrived love of Romeo and Juliet. Costumes also largely aid in the portrayal of this modernised storyline, as visual aids are immensely significant to the audience. Wearing a red dress, Juliet's costume illustrates the dangerous love. Being shorter in the length the dress supports and reinforces the twenty-first century ideas of the piece. Romeo's costume consists of an open white shirt and casual pants of which parallels with society's fashion today. Wearing black to portray darkness and depravity, fates costume remains modernized, wearing an open blazer and jeans. Despite being subtle, the choice of costumes does not distract from the choreographic intention.

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