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Published: 2021-09-10 10:30:10
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On November 21, 2011, I left for a trip to Rome, Italy. I enjoyed the flight and stay there for a week. I would like to go back to live there for a longer period of time.

Rome is a beautiful city has a lot of restaurants the Saint Peter Basilica and Saint John in Lateran Basilica. I went to a Mercator called Bartolucci where I bought some souvenir like the Pisa tower.
I decided to go to my pictures and thought you might all like a trip down memory lane with me.
I spent the first half of the trip in Italy. Most of the trip was spent in Roma except for the first last days in Florence.
After staying at the hotel for the afternoon. I decided to walk from the top to the Spanish steps, though a shopping district, completely out of our prince range, to the Fountain of Trevi before finding a nice Trattoria for dinner.
Hits for Lunch:
1. Enoteca Corsi on Via del Gesu: Enoteca Corsi is open only for lunch and produces classic Italian fare with aplomb. Their fettucini with tomato and basil was perfection in its simplicity, and their mozzarella is creamy and tender just like it should be. I returned on the Friday of our visit - during Lent, so seafood dominated the menu- and had linguine pescatore,with cod, squid, octopus, and bacala with potatoes. Both were fantastic. Service cannot be beat. The one waitress, Sara, is attentive and kind, even though she is waiting a restaurant full of hungry Italians! This is simple fare that we enjoyed with jugs of their house wine - nothing fancy, but by far and away the best lunch we had in Rome.

2. Antica For no Roscioli near Campo de'Fiori: I ate our best pizza in all of Rome here. My favorite is the white pizza with the little yellow and red grape tomatoes. You can also purchase a loaf of their fresh bread and some salami or prosciutto and have them put it together into a sandwich for you. Either way, a fantastic lunch on the go.

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