Role of Cross-Docking in Distribution Systems

Published: 2021-09-11 14:15:08
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[pic 1]ASSESSMENT DECLARATIONThis form must be completed, signed, dated and attached to each assessment task that you submit for marking.  FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND LAW1.        ADMINISTRATIVE DETAILSSTUDENT NAME: LIM YI WEISTUDENT ID NUMBERUNIT OF STUDY: BMO2001 DISTRIBUTION MANAGEMENT4558135TITLE OF ASSESSMENT: LITERATURE REVIEW – Role of Cross-docking in Distribution systemsDATE DUE: 12th April 2017                                     DATE SUBMITTED: 11th April 2017LECTURER’S NAME (HIGHER EDUCATION ONLY): Mr. Christopher TaylorTEACHER/TUTORS NAME: Mr. Christopher TaylorTUTORIAL/CLASS TIME: Tuesday 4-7pm 2.        COMPULSORY STUDENT DECLARATIONPlagiarism means using another person’s intellectual output and presenting it (without appropriate acknowledgement of the author or source) as one’s own. Plagiarism constitutes academic misconduct. Where there are reasonable grounds for believing that this has occurred, disciplinary procedures as outlined in the Policy for Academic Honesty and Preventing Plagiarism will be instituted. PLEASE TICK TO INDICATE THAT YOU HAVE SATISFIED THESE REQUIREMENTS-I have read the policy on Academic Honesty and Preventing Plagiarism and the relevant referencing guides (or have had this explained to me by my teachers) and understand the consequences of committing academic misconduct as outlined in the policy.This assignment is my own work, I have not participated in collusion, nor have I previously submitted this or a version of it for assessment in any other Unit of Study at the University or any other institution without having obtained the approval of the teacher.I have taken proper and reasonable care to prevent this work from being copied by another student.So that the assessor can properly assess my work, I give this person permission to act according to University policy and practice to reproduce this work and provide a copy to another member of staff for the purpose of cross checking and moderation and to take steps to authenticate the assessment, including submitting a copy to a checking/detection system that in turn may retain a copy of this work on a database for future checking.I have carefully read the assessment criteria that will be used to evaluate my work as given below –   ASSESSMENT CRITERIA - Overall presentation of the paper - Your ability to address the key issues with the support from academic literature- Conclusions- References and citations presented in Harvard format- A subjective view by the lecturer on your overall understanding of the task   I certify that the statements I have attested to above have been made in good faith and are true and correct. I also certify that this is my work and that I have not plagiarized the work of others and not participated in collusion.

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