Roche Diagnostics Case

Published: 2021-09-11 12:35:11
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Roche Diagnostics

Strayer University
Human Resource Management Foundations
Sabrina Harris
Professor Matthew Gonzalez
September 3, 2012

Roche Diagnostics, founded in 1896 by a young entrepreneur, Fritz Hoffman-LaRoche with a goal to develop and manufacture novel drugs of uniformed strength and quality and to distribute them internationally which continues to be to goal of the Roche Corporation today. The first product developed by Roche was Airol, an antiseptic which the company built a factory in Germany to produce the product (Roche, 2012) . Roche experienced their first business crisis during the First World War, at a time when Germany started a boycott of the Roche Organization which caused a tremendous financial hardship, however in 1928 there was a huge boost in the production and sales of vitamin which allowed the Roche organization to recover and expand creating a commitment to the US-American market. Roche Diagnostics holds a pioneer role in healthcare, being the innovator of products and services for the early detection prevention, diagnosis and treatment for diseases. Additionally, Roche is the world leader in in-vitro diagnostics and drugs for cancer and transplantation (Roche, 2012) .

1. Discuss who is responsible for producing global leaders.
The organization, parent country, and the host country all have the responsibility for the task of producing global leaders. Global organizations must compete with a wider range of companies than their domestic counterparts; they are flexible and have the ability to compete by offering top products that are market segment specific at the lowest possible cost. Additionally, Global organizations may have multiple locations with headquarters spread throughout the world and have a decision making process that is decentralized. The various locations are based on their ability to be effective, efficient and flexible in producing a product or service using cultural differences as an advantage. Human Resources Management practices that are flexible and are based on an in-depth knowledge of the countries differences are encouraged to be used in this type of organization (Noe, 2011). Future business success is extremely dependent on Global Leadership, which can be defined as a person who runs a business operation that expands globally. Global business leaders should be trained in cross-cultural sensitivity, diversity and have exceptional communication skills; they should have a familiarity with management concepts, understand the vision and mission of the organization and be able to convey the company principles as a motivation tool. Organizations need to be better equipped to guide global leaders and should have the ability to create a pool of future leaders providing training in a proactive measure therefore when an opportunity arises they have a leader who is prepared. Global organizations must also be able to recruit, develop, retain, and use managers who can get results across national boundaries. The organization benefits the most if it applies the principles of employee development in deciding which employees should be offered the job in other countries as overseas assignments are a part of most global organizations career path. Career development helps prepare employees to make the transition to and from assignments, and helps the organization apply the knowledge the employees obtain from overseas assignments (Noe, 2011) .

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