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Published: 2021-09-11 11:50:12
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February 20, 2010
Joe Tech
401 Owen Way
Nashville, TN 37220
RE: Counteroffer
Dear Joe,
Thank you for your counter offer. I have reviewed your terms with Keith and our Human Resources director and have come to a consensus on the following terms in response:
* Salary: Starting salary to be $90,000. We feel this is in-line with other comparable jobs in the tech industry give your education and experience. We agree to the bi-weekly pay interval. Agreed
* Signing Bonus: You will receive a signing bonus of $15,000 paid in two parts; $5,000 paid within 15 days of acceptance and the remaining $10,000 paid the pay cycle following 30 days of employment. Agreed
* Options: You will receive 1500 stock options at a strike price equal to the share price of RR on the date of employment. In addition you will receive an additional 500 incentive options after your first year of employment and each subsequent anniversary on the same conditions stated in the original offer letter dated August 25, 2009. Agreed

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