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The 4th Quadrant gives this alternative:

Robinhood should not recruit new men in his group and should rather diversify. He should
provide his men with funds and support to become merchants and trader. The group thus
formed should be supported and hence they can use their power to threat other merchants
as well as the prince.

He should bond and increase his relationship with the farmers. Instead new recruitment
should be done from among the farmers as it shall serve as a strong economic backup and
also as a abundant supply of cheap food.

He should try to get people from prince's court on his payroll. Acting as a spy and thus letting him know of any new strategy prince is formulating or any new business that he indulges to get in. At the same time Robinhood needs to be ready to diversify into new business in case, he get to know about it.
5. Enforce discipline by practising it.RECOMMENDED STRATEGIES
Competitive Advantage

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