Robin Huud Case

Published: 2021-09-11 11:15:09
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Strengths * Strong leadership * Large band of well-trained fighters (Merry men) * Support from Stakeholders (peasants and farmers that also hate the Sheriff) * Merrymen expertise | Weaknesses * Unable to sustain growth because of limited resources * Lack of familiarity with all members of the organization * Robin Hood's personal vendetta against the Sheriff |
Opportunities * Expand into other forests, spreading the base of the revenue * Free King Richard * Join the barons | Threats * Sheriff getting stronger with increased competition * Prince John's paranoia, causes him to act irrational * Bargaining power of suppliers |

In analyzing the Robin Hood case and placing it into a business context, it is run like a typical top-down management style, with Robin Hood as the CEO. Many of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats the Merrymen have are closely related, if not a direct result of each other. Using the differentiation approach, the Merrymen rob from the rich and give to the poor, which differentiates the group from any other competition.
The group's main strength lies in their leader, Robin Hood. Being a strong leader is very important when organizing a group of this caliber. The group also has strength in numbers. Manpower is the largest resource any group can have and the number of the Merrymen is intimidating. Due to their popularity, the Merrymen also possess great brand recognition, which has allowed them to truly make a difference in their community. Their popularity has also gained the group access to resources in surrounding towns and communities. Since they steal to obtain the capital and training costs they need, the cost of producing their product is a strength. In summing up the strengths, we have to mention the skillset of the Merrymen, which is responsible for all of their success. They have expertise in robbing techniques, high labor productivity, a strong network of members and their ability to be in many locations at one time and still work as a group due to their numbers.
The first major weakness I have identified is Robin Hood's personal grudge with the Sheriff. This has great potential to cloud his overall view and influence judgments that may or may not be for the good of the group. Although, the group was formed from this vendetta, it has grown and transformed into much more than that. The second major weakness is the alliances Robin Hood has made. This problem includes a few of the other weaknesses the Merrymen have. Recruitment of the Merrymen at first looked for candidates that fit a certain criteria, but now the Merrymen will accept anyone who is willing to serve the cause. Now there is a decline in discipline and vigilance, which is a direct result of not prescreening candidates and the new laxed criteria for membership. Depletion of the Merrymen's finances is also a weakness. This is due to shortage of food since the

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