Rethinking Distribution: Adaptive Channels

Published: 2021-09-10 20:40:07
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"Rethinking Distribution: Adaptive Channels"

PART A. Basic Concepts and Idea

1. Forward Looking companies have discovered adaptive channels as a solution to meeting challenging and unique demands of the customers.
2. Adaptive Channels have increased the profit making opportunities because companies share their resources and capabilities in a novel way.
3. Distribution channels enable cost saving and improve the productivity
4. The benefit of the distribution channels come from opportunity to leverage the resource and shared capabilities
5. The three main objectives of the distribution channels is to meet the unpredictable demand from customers, meet customer demand for broader market offering and improve the quality of service through the distribution channels.

PART B. Implications for Applications

1. Distribution channels solve the business by meeting the unpredictable demand. The managers whose innovations have given rise to this concept view their distribution channels as network of capabilities embedded in an extended enterprise. They have realized that by sharing their resources and capabilities in novel ways and new situations, they can take advantage of profit-making opportunities that they could not exploit alone.

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