Retailing Mix

Published: 2021-09-10 20:05:09
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 Retailer decide what to sell on the basis of what their target market wants to buy.
 They can base their decision on market research, past sales, fashion trends, customer request & other sources.
 More width & depth of product assortment.

 Advertising, PR, sales promotion.
 Goal : to help position the store in consumer minds.
 Retailers advertising is carried out mostly at the local level . Local advertising by retailers usually provides specific info about their stores, such as location, merchandise, hours, prices & special sales.
 National retail advertising generally focus on image. (Gucci, Adidas, Nike)

* Decision important
1. Retailer making a large, semipermanent commitment of resources that can reduce its future flexibility.
2. Location will affect the stores future growth & profitability.
* Site location begins by choosing a community consider the area's economic growth potential, the amount of competition & geography.

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