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Published: 2021-09-15 01:55:09
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The ethic awareness inventory is a tool to help one understand their awareness of ethical perspectives that serve as a basis of making ethical decisions, articulation of your ability to explain what underlies your position and the applicatioin of your understanding on how to make ethical decisions in everyday life. The inventory is designed to make a person more aware of their choices concerning ethical decisioins.
Personal ethics in psychology
Priciples of behavior is vitally important in the field of psychology. Distinguishing the difference between right and wrong, good or evil, or virtuous and non virtuos characteristics of human behavior is the essence of ethics. Personal ethics in the field of psychology is the morally rightious way to carry out work duties. The profession of psychology is all about the well being of human beings. The importance of a moral code is essential in a practice that requires the confidentiallity and ananimity such as psychology. The Ethics code applies to psychologist activities that are part of their scientific, educational, or professional roles as psychologist.The ethics code applies to interacting with clients in any way such as telephone, internet, or talking in person. One's own values as a human being which reflects what a person undertakes must be in compliance with ethics. Our world is diverse with cultures, standards, and values. What is right for one culture may not be right for another. In the field of psychology these issues must be taken into concideration constantly. Practicing good ethical behavior one must treat each individual and make them feel like their beliefs are normal and excepted to help them return to harmonious life. The success of a psychologist is all about the approach they have with each individual.

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