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Published: 2021-09-15 00:45:10
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I have many people in my life who I loved and cared for deeply. Someone who is special to you is someone beyond no other. They are always by your side when you need a shoulder. There when you need someone to talk to and is there for you 24 hours of a day and 7 days a week. The person who I can say is my special person is my lovely girlfriend.

My girlfriend is so special to me. She is special to me because she is the one I go to all the time, I feel so comfortable with and I'm in love with. I go to her all the time because she is the one I feel like listens to me 100 percent. I feel like she's the only one who understands where I'm coming from. I feel comfortable with her because she is not a girl who is not trustful. We have our space and everything is just so easy as breathing with her. Everything is so much better because I'm in love with her. There isn't a time I ever want to go a day without her so her being my special someone is a given.

My girlfriend has done amazing things for her to be special to me. Before I have even starting dating her I have been just talking and she's just so understandable. She has such a relaxed tone and no play hard to get. She was just that someone you know is worth the world. She never said or did anything to hurt me. Nothing to not trust her about. She was always so faithful and so honest. Nothing was ever hard with her everything always worked out. She's done so much I never expected out of someone. She will always be special to me.

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