Reflected Best Self Questions

Published: 2021-09-15 00:05:09
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Reflected Best Self Questions.
Get to know your best self by asking these questions to your peers and friends:

1) In all these days, what have you observed as my talents?

2) Can you give me a situation where you had observed a good deeply held personal value of mine which had been evident?

3) Can you identify 3 good aspects of my personal background or identity.

4) Describe an incident when I was at my best?

5) Give me a good situation where I was able to add some good/constructive value to the situation.

6) Give me a situation where you observed that, I had used a principal that I believed in, to accomplish my goal.

My questionnaire was as follows:

* I am taking a course in which I am required to construct a profile of my unique strengths.
* To do this, I must contact at least 25 people who know me well. I would like to invite you to help me in this exercise by providing me with the answers to the following questions of when you have seen me at my very best.
* Please provide examples so I can understand the situation and the characteristics you are describing.

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