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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Top 10 Erotic Movies to Spice Up Your Relationships

Unfortunately, sometimes daily routines and work take a bunch of time. Due to this, couples start to feel cooling in their relationships. The main question in this situation is how to return the intense passion and beautiful nights of love? Wath erotic movies and grab a fantastic idea that 100 % will help you to spice up your relationships.

Best Erotic Movies for Couples

For today, thanks to cinematography, we have probably the best method for shaking relationships. It’s much easier than you’ve expected! Few hours of watching a beautiful erotic movie and a fantastic night is guaranteed. Check out the list with the top of erotic films and enjoy it with your soulmate.

Nine ½ Weeks

Let’s start with the classic of erotic genre. It’s a legendary mover Nine ½ weeks. Some love scenes will surely motivate you and your soulmate to new experiences.
Be ready to take a little bit of ice, honey, strawberries, and sour cream, as you’ll see another way of using these products.

50 Shades of Grey

If you desire to watch numerous love scenes with BDSM, I highly recommend you to choose one of the most popular erotic movies for today, 50 shades of Grey.
The combination of young inexperienced virgin and compulsive admirer of hard sex is the main component of the movie that makes this film super impressive.

Eyes Wide Shut

Every single couple is unique. However, all couples have something general. Unfortunately, sometimes couples experience jealousy. It’s a horrible feeling that can ruin their love.
Watch the movie Eyes Wide Shut to see how couples fight for their excellent relationships by using sex. If you don’t have a soulmate to watch this movie with, feel free to use the Ashley Madison website. It is one of the leading dating sites on the Internet.

Wild Orchid

The sensual movie Wild Orchid is a story about a rich hot millionaire and a simple young girl. They’ve met in Brazil where their love story was stated.
Is this girl just his next toy? Watch the movie to know the answer.

Nymphomaniac Vol.1

Want to know a story about real sex admirer? No doubt, the adult movie - Nymphomaniac Vol.1 will surprise you with its astonishing telling about a woman who starts explore herself from the very young years.

Original Sin

The romantic atmosphere on edge with animal passion converges in x-rated film Original Sin. It’s a remarkable story of a man who lost his mind because of a beautiful woman.


Three young students whose life full of love live in one house. They are all interested in new experiences and ready to thrill. There are no forbiddings for them. Watch the adult movie Dreamers, to see the power of young love.


Want to see the love in different forms? Watch the Love movie that demonstrates the power of this feeling. A provocative story of triple love will surely surprise you.

Young and Beautiful

The next movie is a story about a young girl who made money by using her young body. It’s a story about life with numerous passionate love scenes. Watch the movie Young and Beautiful to see the depth of feelings.

Life of Adèle

If you want to see a sensitive story about lesbians, Life of Adele, is that what you need. Check out a story of rebellious teens who fight for their pure feelings.

Concluding Shot

After some time, a passion may cool down. Therefore, do not hesitate to bring your soulmate and watch an erotic movie to spice up your relationships.