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Sunday, June 14, 2015

5 Must See Movies About College Life

What did you know about college several years ago? What do you know now? Starting college for most people can be scary. This fear stems from not knowing what to expect. Finding your way around in a new environment, a new city, and building new relationships can be some of the things that make this new journey exciting. The experience of college life can go a long way in shaping your life. It would help if you had some sort of guide to what happens in college, something that tells the story or tries to paint a picture of college life. That's what movies are for. They tell stories of characters who have been there, the dilemma they faced in making decisions, and how their college experiences helped them figure more about themselves and what they wanted to become in the future. This is a list of the best five movies that teach about college life.

1. Drumline

This gripping drama-comedy tells the story of a young talented drummer Devon, who enrolls in a Southern University. Finding his feet in his new environment isn't easy for Devon. He tries to stake a claim for the position of bandleader and clashes with the team's current leader. Devon has a lot to learn; he is talented but lacks ethos, does not follow the rules, and doesn't know how to read music. Devon has to overcome all of these to lead his band to glory in the classics competition between colleges.

2. Water Boy

This comedy explores the story of a middle-aged college student who serves as the water boy for his football college team. He discovers his gift for tackling when he's angered and goes into a fit of rage. He subsequently gets into the team, surprising everyone and getting a scholarship to play football.

3. 22 Jump Street

A sequel to the comedy series 21 jump street, 22 jump street follows up on the stories of two police officers, Schmidt and Jenko, who go undercover in a college to find out who has been selling drugs to college students. The college students are getting this drug with as much ease as it takes to buy college essays online. To blend in and get information, Jenko joins the college football team, and Schmidt joins an art group. They both have to go through the struggles of the average college student while still investigating the case.

4. Whiplash

Whiplash is another college movie that talks about drumming. A young talented drummer is enrolled to study at a competitive music conservatory. His music teacher is a respected professor who is fond of using his students mentally and physically in a bid to push them to greatness.

5. The Good Will Hunting

Will Hunting a janitor at MIT who is also a talented mathematician who is unaware of his gifts and solves all the problems he comes across. Still, he requires help from a psychologist to work his way through an emotional crisis.