Monday, May 18, 2015

Five Hottest Video Games Female Characters Ever

Here is the list of 5 hottest video games female characters of all time.

Christie Monteiro

Hope to see a great deal of battling game characters on this rundown – they’re one of the couple of classifications that organizes extensive, very much outlined characters. How about we begin off with Christie Monteiro from Tekken, the arrangement’s essential capoeira contend.

Tifa Lockheart

Few RPG characters have had the persevering hotness as Tifa Lockheart, who made her introduction in Final Fantasy VII for the first PlayStation. I ask why (tremendous boobs)?

Joanna Dark

Female leads in first-person shooters are uncommon – who needs to play a young lady you can’t see? – however Joanna Dark avoids the pattern, and we adore her for

Chun Li

Assessments are brutally separated on unique Street Fighter II cutie Chun Li. Some criticize her huge thighs, while others protect them until the very end.


The Oneechanbara arrangement (interpretation: “Enormous Sister Sword Fighting”) may not be the best feature games ever, however they give you a chance to control a hot chick in a swimsuit with a cattle rustler cap and a samurai sword. What different games can say that? Her name is Aya, and she detests zombies.


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