Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Library Made Entirely Of Books Is Coming To Bay Area Book Festival

How do you imagine the perfect library? Similar to Hansel & Gretel’s house of chocolate – only made of books?

Yes, it’s happening! You’ll have the opportunity to read in such a library, enjoying your favorite activity with hundreds of other bookworms, on June 6th and 7th, 2015 at the Bay Area Book Festival.

Lacuna (as its designers call this book-structure) will consist of 50,000 books donated by Internet Archive to the Festival and it will be arranged to form this incredible library in the shape of a bicycle wheel, where each of its 12 spokes will make a cozy little nook for reading.

The structure will be located in Berkley’s MLK Civic Center Park and you’ll be able to come and read for free!

If you still struggle with how to imagine this dream-like library, read how the designers of this project describe their venture:

“As books are removed from Lacuna, the structure will morph—gaps in the book brickwork will cause changes in the way light and sound filter through Lacuna’s walls, creating an ever-changing play of color, shape, and sound that will evolve over time.”

This whole idea came to life after the director of the Internet Archive made a promise to donate thousands of books to the Festival; the only obligation the Festival organizers have is to make sure that the books get read!

“I immediately envisioned a structure made of books, a kind of ‘city of books,” said Cherilyn Parsons, the Bay Area Book Festival director. The result was Lacuna.

As a reminder, the Internet Archive is a non-profit organization that scans and publishes books on the internet, so if anyone – they have quite an impressive repertoire to offer; more than 200,000 copies!


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