Friday, February 27, 2015

Robear robot care bear designed to serve Japan's aging population

It is estimated that Japan is facing with aging population in the upcoming decades, which implies two things:

1.    Increasing number of people that will require care and
2.    Decreasing number of people available to provide it.

So, as a precaution measure, RIKEN and Sumimoto Riko Company Ltd. have worked on developing a nursing robot, Robear – a care robot that combines most advanced technology and a pleasant design.

It is modeled on RIBA (Robot for Interactive Body Assistance) and RIBA II by RIKEN, revealed in 2009 and 2011, respectively. They were designed to be not only strong and stable, but also gentle, with a soft design and a very friendly-looking head. People responsible for this development were RIKEN-SRK Collaboration Centre for Human-Interactive Robot Research in Nagoya.

These robots will be of massive help, not only to make up for the lack of people able to take care of the aging, but also to take over strenuous tasks instead of people – like lifting patients many times a day.

Even now Robear can lift patients and help him to his wheelchair, assist them to stand and walk, turn them over in their beds. It only weighs 140 kg, as opposed to its predecessor RIBA II which weighed 230 kg! But not only that – its base, smaller in comparison to RIBA II’s, is infinitely more stable! The key is in the special design of its deployable legs - it can usethem to steady itself when needed and tuck them away to continue moving.

The way Robear  was designed allows its joints to be faster and more responsive, to have softer movements and to be able to lift and help patients in a safe and comfortable manner.

"We really hope that this robot will lead to advances in nursing care, relieving the burden on caregivers today," says Toshiharu Mukai, leader of the Robot Sensor Systems Research Team. "We intend to continue with research toward more practical robots capable of providing powerful yet gentle care to elderly people."

Source: RIKEN


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