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10 Best Xbox Games of 2014 That Nobody Can Forget

2014 was a bizarre year. It was a year of HD premasters and “Conclusive Editions” on Xbox One, or more heaps of cross-gen games discharged on both Xbox 360 and Xbox 1. Few games genuinely emerged – especially on 360 – so making our yearly Game of the Year list in the not so distant future was troublesome. So here is the list of 10 best Xbox games of 2014 that no buddy can forget.

10. Adventure Time: Secret of the Nameless Kingdom (XBOX 360)

Presumably the most astounding single out my rundown, Adventure Time: Secret of the Nameless Kingdom is an extraordinary outdated Legend of Zelda clones those fanatics of the show and additionally gamers that adoration fantastic top-down activity games will appreciate. It looks wonderful with an incredible 16-bit style, and sounds much the same as the show on account of huge amounts of voice work from a large portion of the genuine cast. The exemplary Zelda-style sword and shield gameplay is the genuine draw here, however, and maybe the best thing is that the game doesn’t hold your hand whatsoever.

9. Fantasia: Music Evolved (XBOX ONE)

Fantasia Music Evolved is one of the best Kinect games ever – excessively terrible it turned out a year after the Xbox One dispatch and months after Microsoft yielded to outside weight and made Kinect discretionary, so now Kinect is dead and we’ll presumably never get anything this great again. Fantasia Music Evolved is a music game where you utilize movement controls to basically make music by taking after onscreen signals. It appears sort of straightforward – and it is – yet there is something supernatural about it.

8. The Jackbox Party Pack (XBOX ONE)

For simply $25, you get access to three of the most flawlessly awesome neighborhood multiplayer gathering games on Xbox One, or more Word Spud and Lie Swatter, yet you don’t need to play those. Rather your consideration ought to be centered on You Don’t Know Jack 2015 (the most recent section in the funny disrespectful trivia arrangement), Dreadful (where you need to draw pictures on your savvy gadget), and Fib age XL (trivia meets Cards against Humanity where you write in your own answers), which are the absolute most fun we’ve had all year. The game really utilizes your PDA as tablet as a controller, so heaps of individuals can play.

7. Forza Horizon 2 (XBOX ONE)

Forza Horizon 2 is one of the best hustling games ever (not the 360 variant, however, maintain a strategic distance from that). With ravishing illustrations and an immense lump of southern Europe to drive around in, Horizon 2 is wonderful. The gameplay is likewise among the absolute best you’ll discover in a driving game. It isn’t a sim. What’s more it isn’t an arcade game. It discovers a cheerful medium that feels sensible, however gives you a chance to powerslide and pushes the breaking points straight up to the edge without loosening up. The sheer measure of substance is additionally completely amazing, and there are a huge amount of occasions to play through, autos to redesign, and then some.

6. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (XBOX ONE, XBOX 360)

My second most played game of 2014 may be a bit of a shock, yet I used handfuls and many hours playing PVZ: Garden Warfare on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One. This family-accommodating class-based shooter snared me in a manner that essentially no other internet game ever has. Each class has work to do, and you can truly help (and even lead your group in focuses) without needing to pile on the slaughters. PVZ: Garden Warfare is the online shooter for individuals that suck at online shooters. You can have some good times regardless of your ability level, and I cherish that.

5. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (XBOX ONE)

Shadow of Mordor acquires gameplay signs from different titles, yet binds them to an intriguing new story in Middle-earth alongside an incredible element A.i. framework that raises the game a long ways past simply being “Professional killer’s Creed meets Lord of the Rings”. Of course, you’re sneaking around and cutting orcas in the back, yet the shrewd thing about Shadow of Mordor is that the armed force you’re battling is continually evolving. The adversary framework is simply added up to brightness. At the point when a foe slaughters you, they get stronger. When you slaughter an adversary, somebody lower on the command hierarchy ascends to take their spot. By slaughtering particular adversaries, and making cooperation’s with others, you can transform Sauron’s armed force into your unwitting manikins.

4. Sunset Overdrive (XBOX ONE)

Sunset Overdrive put a different take on third-individual shooters by making movement as far and wide as possible while you’re shooting an imperative part of the gameplay, and the result is a standout among st the most remarkable and fun shooters of the year. It is brilliant and bright and has an incredible comical inclination that is tricky to stand up to. Incredible visuals, Extraordinary character customization, A great world to investigate, Insane weapons. There is even phenomenal 8-player multiplayer community that is outright tumult. Dusk Overdrive is only 100% immaculate fun, and is can’t miss Xbox One selective.

3. South Park: The Stick of Truth (XBOX 360)

After years of deferrals and improvement turmoil, South Park: The Stick of Truth at last released in astoundingly great condition. The game looks and sounds precisely like the TV show, is madly interesting, and doesn’t timid far from the stunning diversion that made the demonstrate a hit. Actually, it tightens the stun esteem off the scale sometimes, yet for South Park fans, this is precisely the game we needed. It is Kyle, Stan, Cartman, Kenny, and pretty much other people that have showed up on the show on an insane escapade. The fights are really straightforward and the enchantment framework is absolute dreadful, however the general bundle is still great and completely significant.

2. Dark Souls II (XBOX 360)

Definitely, my most loved and most played game of 2014 is Dark Souls II. I played through it, gracious, around 8 times and used a sum of 300+ hours on it. Sadly, it wasn’t too gotten by no-nonsense Souls fans, yet I cherished practically everything about it. Definitely, DSII is simpler and didn’t have as epic of manager battles and a joining world to investigate like the past game did, however the battle is fabulous, the adversary experiences are splendidly composed, the legend of the world is great, and the game figures out how to be trying without being straight up uncalled for like parts of Ds1 were.

1. Far Cry 4 (XBOX ONE, XBOX 360)

Notwithstanding an obvious absence of aspiration, Far Cry 4 would have been considered one of the best shooters ever. Ubisoft played it super protected with Fc4, however, so it doesn’t go for broke or roll out any genuine improvements to the equation secured in Far Cry 3. While that is unquestionably baffling, despite everything it implies that Far Cry 4 is a magnificent game all alone’s, regardless of the possibility that it provides for you a genuine instance of history repeating itself. The open world sandbox gameplay where you’re allowed to handle missions anyway you please and go where you need is wonderful. The shooting is astounding. The visuals are totally jaw dropping.


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